Rediscovering Blogging

I promised something lighthearted and fun for Monday, and I know I’m a little late with this post. But I hope you’ll forgive me, and I’ll try to get future Monday posts up earlier in the day.

Lately, as you may have noticed, I’ve been rediscovering blogging. That is, I’ve been writing more blog posts, more regularly. And not just posting more here on this blog, but rather on various sites in the J. Timothy King Website Network. And not just posting more articles, but also reading more blogs. And not just posting and reading, but posting and reading for the fun of it.

Over the weeks and months and years, I’ve gotten out of touch with the blogs and other sties in my RSS feeds, not even skimming them for interesting posts. But of late, I’ve started to visit certain feeds more regularly, and I’ve developed a process by which I can discover more interesting blogs, to skim them, and to categorize them by priority, depending on how interesting they are to me and how close their authors are to me personally. And it’s actually provided some enjoyment for me. (I just have to remember to let blogging stay fun and not to become work, or else I’ll get stressed out by it, and that will be the end of that.)

So I thought today, I’d post some of the interesting recent posts from some new blogs I’ve discovered. All of these blogs have already made it into my “preferred blogs” category, so I’ve already found some affinity with each of the authors of these blogs.


The Surly Writer

Michelle, the Surly Writer, posts entertaining, sometimes funny, almost always engaging, personal stories. Here’s one in 5 parts (an exception, because practically all of her stories are only 1 post long), a story about Michelle’s first crappy job:

(You know, I once worked in an office were the bathrooms were adjoined to the kitchen. I’m not sure that gives me one up on Michelle, though, because I often escaped the kitchen to go somewhere else… anywhere else.)

Gumbo Writer

Angie Ledbetter, a.k.a. Gumbo Writer, is a freelancer, mother, and co-author of Seeds of Faith: An Inspirational Almanac. This weekend, she posted a simple, single, beautiful, inspirational photo of a moon over the water.

Suzie the Foodie

One of Suzie Ridler’s blogs is a food related blog, where she discusses food, shares recipes, and so forth. Yesterday, she wrote about (what she determined was) a failed low-fat pie experiment. OK… Well, I actually enjoy a lot of low-fat foods, at least when they’re homemade or semi-homemade. But what I really found interesting about this post was how she describes her foodie identity. That is, what kind of foodie is she? What kind of foodie are you?