A Cute Kitten and a Poinsettia

This Friday, I’m posting a couple of fun links, because I’m too lazy— er, I mean busy to write anything original.

First up: kittens! You may have already seen this video. Over 12 million people have, according to YouTube. Or the same person watched it over and over again 12 million times. Either way, I found this 17-second “jazz hands kitten” video both funny and cute: funny, because jazz hands are funny, and cute, because I happened to be thinking of Alyson Hannigan at the time. No, seriously, it was because everyone knows kittens are cute. (I’m required to say that by my marriage contract.)

Pointy the Poinsettia

The second link is a piece Jim “Suldog” Sullivan runs every holiday season, the true story of Pointy The Poinsettia. Enjoy!