Atheist Problems

Ever since coming out atheist, I’ve noticed that people interact with me differently than they did before. And I interact with them differently. As a result, I’ve found these extremely funny. There’s one kind of atheist problem, like that posed by the most Reverend E.F. Briggs. (Because when E.F. Briggs talks, people tune out.) E.F. […]

A Walk through the Forest

Nothing like taking a hike with someone you love, during the first sunny days of Spring. And that’s what I and my Beloved did this past Monday. It was the first time we had visited Lowell-Dracut-Tyngsboro State Forest. But since we’ve moved to the Merrimack Valley, it’s now a 10 minute car ride down a […]

When You Feel You’re Falling Off a Cliff…

…make sure you have a wingsuit! Happy weekend! -TimK

The Story of the World

In the beginning, there was primordial ooze. And the ooze turned into life. And the life developed, and was fruitful and multiplied. The world changed. Great dinosaurs ruled the Earth, along with a plethora of diverse species of reptiles and other creatures. Until a great meteor impacted the surface of the earth, throwing shards of […]

13 Podcasts for Lucky Friday

As today is Friday the 13th, I was going to list of really stupid unlucky things that have happened to me (for real or not) on Friday the 13th. But then I figured out that I couldn’t come up with any. So either I don’t have unlucky things happen to me, or else my creativity […]

And This Is Why You Want to Be Careful around Explosives

You may have already heard, but since I don’t have anything better to post right now, I’ll tell you again. The San Diego Fourth of July fireworks show this year malfunctioned, setting off the entire thing like a match in a fireworks factory, burning through the entire 18-minute display in about 20 seconds. I think […]

Links across the Web

Today, I had planned to publish a piece making fun of book reviewers and literary critics. Because in my opinion, publishers spend way too much time sucking up to them, which is why I decided to become a book reviewer. Unfortunately, I was unable to make fun of them without sounding bitter at them, which […]

A Cute Kitten and a Poinsettia

This Friday, I’m posting a couple of fun links, because I’m too lazy— er, I mean busy to write anything original. First up: kittens! You may have already seen this video. Over 12 million people have, according to YouTube. Or the same person watched it over and over again 12 million times. Either way, I […]

7 Fun Links from My Feed Reader

I’ve been slogging my way through NaNoWriMo. I’ll probably call this novel From the Ashes of Courage (or some variation thereof), because I think it reflects the theme and mood of the story: risking all in the face of defeat; and less Love Boat, more As Good As It Gets. At this point, when it […]