A Song to Bring Peace (Music Video)

One of my FaceBook friends posted this music video of an Israeli pop song by drummer Gil Ladin, and it quickly captivated my ear. I wasted enough time listening to it that I figured it demanded it’s own blog post.

The words of the chorus are based on an old Hebrew prayer: Establish peace, goodness, and blessing, grace and kindness and compassion, upon us and upon all Israel, your people.

He turned it into a song for peace for the world:

Establish peace, goodness, and blessing,
life, grace and kindness
and compassion upon us;
establish peace, our children;
compassion upon us
and upon all Israel, your people;
and say, ‘Amen.’
Sim shalom tovah uvrachah
chaim chen vachesed
verachamim alenu
sim shalom benenu
rachamim alenu
veal kol yisrael amecha
venemar amen.

See how many names of how many different countries can you recognize in the bridge (the rap portion of the song)?


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