Peace from the Ashes

Note: This post is an extended version of the comments I made at church a couple weeks ago. Many of us have heard of the “peace that transcends all understanding,” from one of the most famous snippets of the New Testament: “and the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and […]

Please Pray for US Families Now Stuck in Nepal

Two of our friends from synagogue are among the 80 or so “pipeline” families, all of whom had been in the process of adopting orphans from Nepal, when the US government changed policy and left them in limbo, forbidding them to come back home with their newly adopted children. As the friend of one such […]

A Song to Bring Peace (Music Video)

One of my FaceBook friends posted this music video of an Israeli pop song by drummer Gil Ladin, and it quickly captivated my ear. I wasted enough time listening to it that I figured it demanded it’s own blog post. The words of the chorus are based on an old Hebrew prayer: Establish peace, goodness, […]

A Prayer for the Depressed

Today, for Wishcasting Wednesday, Jamie Ridler asks, “What do you wish to make room for?” Like most people, I have so much stuff, both physically and figuratively, it’s hard to make room for anything. But what I really want to make room for today is the following blog post, which I’ve wanted to write. But […]