More Artwork: You’ve Come a Long Way

Almost 5 years ago, I posted some of my Little One Abbie’s artwork. Now that she’s a full-fledged high-schooler, calling her “Little One” feels a little creepy, and reminds me too much of Lwaxana Troi. (But I still sometimes do it anyway.) Anyhoo, in the intervening years, she’s been posting lots of stuff on her […]

A Child of a Single Mom

(No post yesterday, because I was still on Easter vacation. So I thought now might be a good time to start sifting through the backlog of cool quotes I’ve been collecting.) We often perceive single-parent families as abnormal, dysfunctional, deficient, dirty, indecent, cursed, doomed to failure. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In […]

A Merry Happy Christmas Holiday

I just briefly wanted to wish you a wonderful holiday. We are planning on joining my parents for their Christmas Eve service later this afternoon. Then we’re all going over to visit my brother and sis-in-law for their Christmas Eve service. Tomorrow, the whole extended family (on my side) is getting together with my kindergartener […]

The Joy of Old Friends and New Family

In early August, while the girls were at camp, I spent a lot of uninterrupted time with Tessie-cat. At almost-19 years, she’s even older (in cat years) than I am. I call her “my geriatric cat,” which is what she is. All she did for the whole week was to sit on the back on […]

Some More Photos I Found on My Cell Phone

Some time ago, I posted some miscellaneous cellphone pictures that had been taken on my old cell phone. Now that I have a new smartphone, with a (slightly) higher resolution camera, it seems lots more pictures get taken. And most of them not by me. Actually, my Little One, “Abbie the Artist,” has been taking […]

Independence Day Is Here!

When July 4 rolls around, I always feel like we’re well into summer. Of course, summer began just a week and a half ago. I’m up at my in-laws’ camp on the lake today, family visiting with family. A comforting, cool breeze is blowing off the lake. And even though it may sprinkle a little […]

Memorize in the Morning

This past weekend, Rabbi Rich Nichol made a particular point that struck me, in the context of family and parenting. He said, “Memorize in the morning.” That is, when their kids were young, he and his wife Sue made it a family tradition to spend a few minutes each morning memorizing passages from the Scriptures. […]

Some Photos I Found on My Cell Phone

Once upon a time, I couldn’t see the point of these new-fangled gadget cell phones that can text-message, play MP3’s, take pictures, and sometimes can just barely not even make a phone call. (You know what I’m talking about.) Today, however, I copied all the files from my cell phone onto my computer, and I […]

The Birthday Season Upon Us

I divide my year into two roughly equal seasons: the Holiday Season and the Birthday Season. The Holiday Season stretches from September through February, during which the days get shorter, the air colder, the leaves more colorful (brown is a color). We start playing Christmas music, unpack the electric menorah, and put up the holiday […]

Bamboo Tiki Torch (Indie Music Video)

I really needed a quick and easy post for today (because I had spent so much time and so many words getting carried away Monday). And I had no idea what I was going to write about. But you know what we always say: The Lord will provide. And provide He did. First of all, […]