A Date at the Laundromat

A romance thread at Sherry the Redhead Riter’s “BlogNTweet” forum reminded me of this story. Sherry asked how often we date. Now, of course, I don’t date, because my Beloved (formerly “the Missus”), she doesn’t let me date. (It’s probably better that way.) But we do “date” each other, occasionally… Well… We used to date, […]

Are women flirting with me?

I recorded this humorous video yesterday, about a something that happened to me yesterday, and posted it for my Facebook friends. This is the first time I’ve tried creating a video in this style, and I was happy with how it turned out, so I might do it again sometime.

My Worst Date Ever

In my day, I went on my own share of bad dates. Here’s one from Love through the Eyes of an Idiot. It all started after I developed a crush on this girl, a little young for me, but her mother liked me and trusted me. We sat and talked sometimes. She was small, cute, […]