Found in My Bathroom

Looks like somebody left a little pea on the toilet seat… Have a great weekend! -TimK P.S. Photo courtesy my daughter, Abbie.

Nemo: Good, Bad, and Beautiful

Now that the storm is passed, and we’re all dug out—which is a whole other story, for another time—we can look back at the fun, the pain, and even the beauty Nemo left us. The funnest part, of course—for many of us—was being bundled up safe at home, with plenty of supplies, while the cold […]

Let It Snow: The Blizzard of ’13

The bill has come due for the mild winter we had last year. And since Punxsutawney Phil (played by the classic actor Bill Murray) has predicted an early spring—which here in New England means snow, rain, sleet, hail, and 90-degree swelter, all within a 24-hour period… Since Phil has predicted an early spring, God has […]

Bits & Pieces 2013-01-24

Links and things that I’ve run across recently. Some Random Photos Because I didn’t pull out an entertaining and interesting image for any of the other blurbs in this post. (Sorry.)

Bits & Pieces 2012-11-08

Links and things that I’ve run across recently. First Snow Or to quote Lorelai Gilmore: “Ladies and gentlemen, we have flakes. Flakes have been sighted. Flakage, if you will, has begun.” Yesterday afternoon and into the night, the season’s first snow in the Boston area (and if I recall correctly, in New England generally). I […]

Some More Photos I Found on My Cell Phone

Some time ago, I posted some miscellaneous cellphone pictures that had been taken on my old cell phone. Now that I have a new smartphone, with a (slightly) higher resolution camera, it seems lots more pictures get taken. And most of them not by me. Actually, my Little One, “Abbie the Artist,” has been taking […]

Bits & Pieces 2012-08-30

Links and things that I’ve run across recently. Hey, Can I Get Facebook on This Thing? August 1 was the 30′th anniversary of the release of the Commodore 64 home computer. To commemorate the event, Pingdom posted a series of C-64 photos on his blog, and I guess, yeah, we all looked pretty dorky back […]

The Man With the Scary Scissors

I think this is the last Dave Ramsey story I’ll tell for a little while. (Or at least the last big one.) But I have to at least tell this one, because I’ve already told it to several friends, several times, and it’s turned out to be a hoot. Dave Ramsey is famous for cutting […]

What My Doctor Was Afraid Of

You may recall last year an off-the-wall post scratched out at Dunkin Donuts that a wrote on the way to an MRI lab. I had been suffering from depression and headaches, sometimes so serious that I couldn’t think straight. Rarely, in these cases, the symptoms indicate a brain tumor or some other neurological problem. So […]

My Personal Writing Spaces (photos)

[UPDATE, October 2013: My daily routine has changed massively since this post, especially since we moved into the Merrimack Valley. These photos are also two cars ago, and one diet ago—and unfortunately Panera Bread no longer fits into my diet. But I do still visit some of the other places on this list, and I […]