The Turn That Saved My Life

“But I come here today to look across this world of threats to a world of peace. In that search we cannot expect any final triumph—for new problems will always arise. We cannot expect that all nations will adopt like systems—for conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth. Nor can we […]

Living a Life of Balanced Thoughts

I think my theme for this week is: life is getting better. If you’re a Gilmore Girls fan, you might remember the episode after Rory and Dean had their affair, the one in which Dean’s wife Lindsay discovers Rory’s “heinous letter in Dean’s jacket.” Oy f***in’ vey! See, this is what happens when children grow […]

Running for God 2: Faith and Works

A couple weeks I posted a long, theological piece called “Running for God,” which I had expected would inspire controversy and boredom (though not necessarily in that order). Instead, I got some encouraging comments on it. I had originally written the piece as my final essay for a Foundation theology course at MJTI that I […]

Running for God

I was only a boy when Chariots of Fire first hit the silver screen. I remember watching it with my parents— This is long before Internet streaming or NetFlix or DVDs, and video-tape machines were even still pretty expensive, and films were not released for home viewing as they usually are today. So imagine how […]

Baptism of Chaos and the Writer’s Soul

I’ve been going through a baptism of chaos. Been working on a summer software-development project–summer turning into autumn–a project with too many harrowing twists and a too-soon, hard deadline. I’ve been putting into this project as many hours as I can fit, plus some that I can’t. Because I need to earn enough money to […]

Whipped into a Feeling Frenzy

Sharks are infamous for the feeding frenzy. They smell blood, and they lose control. All their instincts go on high alert. They turn into a finely tuned hunting machine, with one goal, to eat the kill. Other animals, too, have their frenzies. The predator hunts, and the prey runs. Instinct tells them to panic, and […]

Happy Groundhog Day!

I’m snowed in this Groundhog Day, as is apparently most of the nation. Sitting here, with the family, watching Groundhog Day, a most ironic movie for this particular Groundhog Day blizzard. Fortunately, this morning, Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow, and we will have an early spring. Yay! Because I am now officially tired […]

Three Spiritual Stories

Yesterday was the last Sunday that Pastor John preached at CPC. It was a very emotional occasion. He’s leaving, and not because he or his family really wanted to. That’s a different story, which I hope to tell someday. For now, I’m too close to it to see it clearly. I will say, however, a […]

Two Women Search for the Meaning of Life

I finally got to see Julie and Julia over the weekend. Unlike many stories, it doesn’t serve as a means of escape. Rather, there is substance and inspiration woven through it. The film compares the stories of Julia Child and Julie Powell. Both faced an impasse in their lives; both set out on a search […]

Finding the Answer to the Meaning of Life

I’ve been absent here, because I’m working on a new novel. After collecting mounds of marketing data, I’ve discovered that I absolutely must write Confessions of a Veteran Software Developer— That’s not a novel, but a true story of my years as a professional software developer. However, I have to find a new title. (Apparently, […]