My Birthday Books

When I opened my birthday present, aside from the gift itself, out fell two twenties and a ten. And the first thing I thought was, Now I can buy more groceries. As you know, sometimes the life of a writer sucks. But I do have a summer software contract lined up, which should fund this […]

Book Giveaway: A Box of Previously Read Books

… and one that is currently red. These are not just books I happened to have lying around. On the contrary, I picked them up while browsing the Used Book Superstore (all except for the red one), specifically because I enjoyed them. They aren’t necessarily my favorite of favorites. (For that, see the Talyn giveaway, […]

Getting Rid of Loads of Books

Holly Lisle’s move inspired me. In the process of moving, she got rid of a huge amount of stuff, and now she has a clean house. Wow. I’d like a clean house, one where everything has a spot and there’s a spot for everything. As it turns out, we’re coming to the end of our […]