Happy Birthday to Me!

Today, I turn 44 years old. I’ve already got two big birthday presents. The first is that today is the first day after the last day I have to drive my Firstborn to school this year. (Yay! School’s out!) It’s the changing of the season, which always excites me. The other big birthday present I […]

Some More Photos I Found on My Cell Phone

Some time ago, I posted some miscellaneous cellphone pictures that had been taken on my old cell phone. Now that I have a new smartphone, with a (slightly) higher resolution camera, it seems lots more pictures get taken. And most of them not by me. Actually, my Little One, “Abbie the Artist,” has been taking […]

My Birthday Books

When I opened my birthday present, aside from the gift itself, out fell two twenties and a ten. And the first thing I thought was, Now I can buy more groceries. As you know, sometimes the life of a writer sucks. But I do have a summer software contract lined up, which should fund this […]

The Birthday Season Upon Us

I divide my year into two roughly equal seasons: the Holiday Season and the Birthday Season. The Holiday Season stretches from September through February, during which the days get shorter, the air colder, the leaves more colorful (brown is a color). We start playing Christmas music, unpack the electric menorah, and put up the holiday […]

On Turning 40

Forty years ago, on June 20, 1969, at 2:00 in the afternoon, I first came into this world, probably kicking and screaming, but not going anywhere fast. Since then, I sometimes whether I have gone anywhere ever. When I was a teenager, one of my older friends turned 40. I could hardly believe it. “You’re […]