Our Favorite Star Trek Episodes

Yes, Star Trek. Specifically, The Next Generation.

The Little One and I have been watching select episodes together. I’ve been enjoying them on DVD, and she both startled and thrilled me when she started enjoying the show right alongside me. I panicked just a little when—right in the middle of a Borg marathon—she asked to see the first Next Generation episode ever made. Fortunately, barely 10 minutes into it, she found it just as distressing as I do. Of course, my comments about “Oh my God! I’m so glad he doesn’t do that anymore!” probably didn’t help.

(She also liked drawing comparisons between the Borg on one hand, and on the other hand, Brog, of Zork: Grand Inquisitor. “Brog like rocks! Rocks good! You will be assimilated.” That was funny.)

Seriously, though, I used to think of Star Trek as a guilty pleasure, but as I’ve been going back through them, first the original series, then The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, now with the benefit of years of training as a writer, I see the value of them. I see why I originally loved many of these stories, not because of the space-opera plots or the très kewl special effects or the corny techno-babble, but because they meet my five points of life-expanding stories.

I’m way behind schedule with Ardor Point #2, even without playing Farmville. I was originally supposed to be writing the first draft this week; instead, I haven’t even started the zero-draft yet. But I figured at least I could get a good blog post out of the major distraction. So here are some of our favorite Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes, the Little One and me, that we’ve watched recently.

Sidebar: The Next Gener­a­tion and Deep Space Nine

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine started airing half-way through the sixth season of The Next Genera­tion. For about a year and a half, they aired cont­emp­ora­ne­ously. To increase my enjoy­ment, I’ve put together the following viewing schedule of TNG and DS9 episodes (including the TNG movies), reflecting the original airing order as closely as possible without breaking up multi-part episodes.

(I’ve numbered the episodes by season and episode order; so episode “615” is the 15’th episode in season 6.)

TNG …-611
DS9 101-105
TNG 612
DS9 106
TNG 613
DS9 107
TNG 614
DS9 108
TNG 615
DS9 109
TNG 616-617
DS9 110-111
TNG 618-619
DS9 112-113
TNG 620
DS9 114
TNG 621
DS9 115
TNG 622
DS9 116
TNG 623
DS9 117
TNG 624
DS9 118-119
TNG 625
DS9 120
TNG 626-701
DS9 201-203
TNG 702-705
DS9 204-205
TNG 706
DS9 206
TNG 707
DS9 207
TNG 708
DS9 208
TNG 709
DS9 209
TNG 710
DS9 210
TNG 711
DS9 211-212
TNG 712-713
DS9 213
TNG 714
DS9 214
TNG 715
DS9 215
TNG 716
DS9 216
TNG 717
DS9 217
TNG 718
DS9 218
TNG 719
DS9 219
TNG 720
DS9 220-221
TNG 721-722
DS9 222
TNG 723
DS9 223
TNG 724
DS9 224
TNG 725-726
DS9 225-226
DS9 301-307
DS9 308-506
First Contact
DS9 507-709
DS9 710-…