The Best Valentines Come from the Little Ones

The Little One (our resident artist) doesn’t know I’m posting this, but I don’t think she’d be upset. She got some white soap at the drug store, and carved it and colored it, as a gift for Mommy.

I remember when I was a kid, buying (or making) and giving away Valentines to all my classmates. One year, we made and decorated our own Valentine’s boxes. Each student in the class would then hand out the Valentines he was giving, dropping one into the slot on the top of each of his classmates’ boxes.

I’m afraid that I over-decorated mine. I covered it in aluminum foil, drew on it with red marker, and decorated it with numerous, beautiful, pink shells. It was really quite… erm… girly. (My mother was afraid I might be made fun of, but much to her credit, she did not interfere. And I don’t remember being teased… much.)

For the first day of Valentine’s week, a simple reminder of the most important and significant Valentines, those we get from our families— whether they have physical form or whether they take the form of happy wishes.