eBook Reviews, Deals, and the Like

Photo © 2009 goXunuReviews CC BY 2.0

I have a lot happening this week. The kids are out of school for spring break, which means I’ll need to find someplace else to work for most of the week. (Already this morning, I’ve been interrupted twice thrice four times with family issues. In between, I could hear the TV blasting upstairs and the music pounding downstairs, with me in the middle.)

I’ll need to find somewhere else to work so that I can complete the book reviews I’m ready to post. You see, I’m finally launching my new eBook Reviews blog. I managed to get the first review up this morning, and I’ve got others scheduled for the rest of the week. As you can tell from the title of the blog, I’ll be posting reviews of novels and memoirs that are available in electronic format, for e-readers and the like. Most of these titles are also available in paperback (and some in hardcover, too).

I’ll also occasionally post a review of a book that is not available as an ebook, with a “They should release this as an e-book” or “Good thing this isn’t available as an e-book” thrown in for good measure.

For the launch, I’m posting several reviews a week. After I’ve posted reviews of all the books I’ve already read, I’ll continue posting with less frequency. I’m also entertaining the idea of including guest-posts by other reviewers, because I cannot hope single-handedly to maintain a steady stream of quality reviews, despite the fact that I love to read.

I’ll also cover significant e-book news (occasionally), deals on e-books I think are worth checking out, and announcements of e-books I’m looking forward to, as well as e-books that I’m releasing (and you can post your own reviews and comments on those books).

Last Chance on a eBook Deal

And speaking of my own e-books, this is the last week you can get them at the less-than-a-dollar price.

Why? I’ll post Wednesday an explanation why I’m raising prices.

For now, if you have either of these e-books on your “I wanna read this” list, now is the time to jump at the opportunity.