A Star-Trek-style Ebook Reader

Now that I have some money coming in, one of my top items to get is an ebook reader. And in my typical style, I began thinking of all the ways I’d love to use such a device to help me in my work. Unfortunately, in my typical style, no reader out there does most […]

The Price of eBooks: 7 Reasons Why I’m Raising Mine

A couple months ago, I talked about why I believe e-books should be cheap. Big, scary (and scared) publishers tend to be raising prices on e-books, sky-high, sometimes charging as much for the e-book as for a hardcover. Responding to this trend, I advocated prices as low as possible, even under a dollar. Why then […]

eBook Reviews, Deals, and the Like

I have a lot happening this week. The kids are out of school for spring break, which means I’ll need to find someplace else to work for most of the week. (Already this morning, I’ve been interrupted twice thrice four times with family issues. In between, I could hear the TV blasting upstairs and the […]

7 Reasons eBooks Should Be Almost Free

If you want to understand why I think eBooks should be almost free, let me start by telling you a little story (first related by Peter Drucker in his classic Innovation and Entrepreneurship on pp. 33 ff.): Some decades ago, the chairman of Macy’s became disturbed by a trend he saw in his industry. Most […]