eBook Reviews, Deals, and the Like

I have a lot happening this week. The kids are out of school for spring break, which means I’ll need to find someplace else to work for most of the week. (Already this morning, I’ve been interrupted twice thrice four times with family issues. In between, I could hear the TV blasting upstairs and the […]

I See You, by Holly Lisle, Book Review

I recently finished Holly Lisle’s out-of-print romantic suspense, I See You, the story of paramedic Dia Courvant, who rescued the sole survivor of a terrible car accident, to find her own husband dead in the wreckage. Now, four years later, a series of deadly car crashes has brought handsome detective Brig Hafferty into Dia’s life. […]

The 5 Rules of Book Reviews

Authors and publishers, in my opinion, spend way too much time sucking up to literary critics, which is why I decided to become a book reviewer. Of course, no critic actually deserves the respect he gets (myself included), not for his opinion in any case. And I dare say, publishers wouldn’t give critics the time […]

EyeLeash: A Blog Novel (Book Review)

Not too long ago, Jess C Scott sent me a PDF of her first indie novel EyeLeash: A Blog Novel, to kick off a series of book reviews I’ve wanted to do, of indie and mid-list novels and memoirs. EyeLeash is the private journal of Jade, a 17-almost-18-year-old girl, who recently graduated from an all-girl […]

A Free Gift You Can Give to Authors: How to Write a Book Review (for a Fiction Book)

During this holiday season, if you are thankful for a book you’ve read, or if there’s an author you want to do something special for, here’s a simple, free gift you can give them. It will only take a few minutes of your time, and the author will really appreciate it, more than anything else […]