I Am Such a Geek (The Star Trek: TNG Trivia Game)

One of the quip-hits from an ebook I’m putting together for Read-an-ebook week, Catnapping for a Living: Humorous Sketches and Tails (because I don’t have enough time to think of a better title):

“Tomolok the Romulan is dead now, you know. But he’ll always be G’Kar to me. I am such a geek.”

And if you don’t get that, don’t worry: it just means you’re normal.

So anyhow, this past weekend, my brother pulled out of my parents’ basement the old Star Trek: The Next Generation Trivia Game. Yes, this thing actually existed, and yes, we actually tried to play it. (Update: And OMG, you can still get it. I guess they just couldn’t sell out of these back in the 90’s.) It was kind of a cross between Trivial Pursuit, Battleship, and the old, original Star Trek computer game from the 1970’s.

The rules are a little convoluted, though, and the trivia game requires a third player, who doesn’t actually play but just kept track of what’s happening in the Star Trek universe. (Ooh! Doesn’t that sound fun, and not boring at all!) So we made up our own rules, because we couldn’t find a third, because my Bro and I were the only two TNG geeks in the house, and the fun part anyhow was answering the trivia questions.

This past weekend, we impressed ourselves with how much of the TNG storyline we still knew. Of course, I had an advantage, because I’ve re-watched many of the episodes multiple times recently, because the Little One is into TNG now… Hey! There’s our third!

In any case—and I’m wondering how many useless connective phrases I can think of to insert into this blog post—I couldn’t resist taking some photos of the game. (Click on the following images to see them enlarged.)

Another fun mini-game, we discovered, is “What episode is this shot from?” going through the backs of the trivia cards. There are only a few episodes represented there, but it was still kinda fun.