:-p :^) to Prospective Employers

This is a funny blog post. Really. Just hang on. I’m sure it will get funnier as I get snarkier. (By the way, how come my spellchecker doesn’t know the word snarkier?) I actually wasn’t going to post anything for Wishcasting Wednesday today (which by now is actually yesterday, since it’s now half past midnight). […]

A Programmer’s Empowering Daydream

This morning, at my daughter’s sleep study, as we were waking up, I had a profoundly encouraging and empowering daydream. It wasn’t an intentional visualization, something I wanted to see come about, but purely a spontaneous daydream, of the sort that encroaches upon your consciousness in those fuzzy moments just after you awake. Last night, […]

Why Geeks Should Care About Fashion

As a thirty-something male software engineer, one of the best things about looking for a new job is that I get to go shopping for interview clothes. And that’s what I did this weekend. If you’ve not appreciated the joy of shopping for interview clothes, you’re missing out. And if you think that this joy […]