Wishcasting Wednesday

A Dream to Explore

A quick midnight blog post and an announcement. I swear I did not coordinate this with Jamie Ridler. It’s either an astounding coincidence or a message from God. At midnight, a couple hours ago, Jamie prompted for Wishcasting Wednesday, “What dream do you wish to explore?” And as the song says, a dream is a […]

Resolutions: 0; Wishes: 1

It’s the fifth day after Christmas, and you know what that means! Our thoughts turn to last-minute charitable donations (which we had every intention of making the previous year), New Year’s resolutions (which we have every intention of keeping the following year), and desperately searching for someone not too ugly to kiss tomorrow night when […]

What Luxury Do You Wish For?

I have simple tastes. I could survive on soup and salad, and an occasional hot dog, and be happy. I need a roof over my head, companionship, and an Internet connection (because that’s business). Nonetheless—to answer Jamie Ridler’s Wishcasting Wednesday question, “What luxury do you wish for?”—there are a few things I really enjoy that […]

:-p :^) to Prospective Employers

This is a funny blog post. Really. Just hang on. I’m sure it will get funnier as I get snarkier. (By the way, how come my spellchecker doesn’t know the word snarkier?) I actually wasn’t going to post anything for Wishcasting Wednesday today (which by now is actually yesterday, since it’s now half past midnight). […]

Opening the Door to Your Own Destiny

This morning, after I dropped the Missus off at work, I headed down Washington Street toward Mishawum Road, where I needed to make a left turn in order to get to the highway. Now, this particular intersection has two left-turn lanes. That is, if you want to make a left turn, you can either get […]

A Prayer for the Depressed

Today, for Wishcasting Wednesday, Jamie Ridler asks, “What do you wish to make room for?” Like most people, I have so much stuff, both physically and figuratively, it’s hard to make room for anything. But what I really want to make room for today is the following blog post, which I’ve wanted to write. But […]

I Wish to Remember to Feel What My Reader Feels

The most important skill a writer can develop, in any field or genre of writing, is to empathize with his reader, because the reader will always judge your writing ultimately by what he feels. Mastery of this skill has resulted in some of the greatest feats of writing magic, especially among writers of sales copy, […]

Wishcasting Wednesday: Being Very Afraid

I haven’t done Wishcasting Wednesday since before Jamie Ridler moved it to her main blog. Today, she asks: “What do you wish to tell the world?” My answer: I wish to tell them that they don’t need to be afraid.