Yelling with the Boss

The last clear memory I have of my school-year jobs was the VP yelling at my manager, red-faced, outside his office, right out in the middle of the hallway. The job, at this now-defunct manufacturer of centrifuges, for me started as a co-op job in college, while I was studying electrical engineering. They hired me […]

When You’ve Screwed Up

Some time ago, I was on the receiving end of a massive screw-up at one of my previously favorite restaurants and WiFi hotspots, Panera Bread in Chelmsford, MA. I have not been back. Ironically, the screw-up itself hasn’t kept me away, because we all screw up sometimes, because we’re all only human. I can’t hold […]

The Mantra That Will Get Me Through My Last 4 Days

Today I discovered a mantra that I hope will get me through my last four days in this place. And I wrote it on my dry-erase board. If you recall, I quit my job and struck out on my own. But I still have a few more days before my last. Four days, to be […]

Why I Hate Microsoft

Back in the Windows 95 days, I was a huge Microsoft proponent. When Netscape sicked the U.S. DoJ on them, I was on their side. What happened since then? I’m a Linux user. That is to say, all of my home computers run Linux. The one at work doesn’t, but that’s a long story, which […]

My Performance Sucks, and I’m Proud of It!

Seriously, this week I had my annual performance review, and my manager pointed out several weak areas, and I have no plans to address these weak areas. In fact, as a professional, my answer to this performance review could even end up getting me fired.

The Thought-Work Uncertainty Principle

It’s like the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. You can’t see an electron, but you can measure it, to an extent. You can measure where the electron is or how fast it’s going, but not both. Because the act of measuring momentum throws off the position, and the act of measuring position throws off the momentum. (I […]

Professionals Should Make Mistakes

We usually think of professionals as being people who don’t make mistakes. Amateurs make mistakes, because they treat the work as a hobby, rather than as a profession. But ironically, professionals probably make more mistakes than amateurs do, and that’s how it should be, though different mistakes.

The Dark Side of Professionalism: An Epiphany

Lidor Wyssocky talks about the dark side of professionalism. I was going to just leave a quick comment. But this subject brings so many thoughts, I could blog for a week just on these alone. Even narrowing the subject down to the most important point, it deserves a full blog post. So here it is.

Practice Makes Perfect Professionals

What’s the largest number of people you’ve embarrassed yourself in front of?

Be a Toxic Employee

If I knew two years ago how to be a toxic employee, the knowledge would have saved me much grief.