Bits & Pieces 2013-01-17

Links and things that I’ve run across recently. Dropping like a Feather This morning, my bathroom scale read 184.0. That’s about a pound less than it did last week. Slightly disappointing, as my food journal (which I just began this week) seems to indicate that just cheating even a little causes me to put on […]

Most of What We Think We Know about Nutrition Is Probably Wrong

A few months ago, I reported that I had lost over 10 pounds and was finally able to fit into some of my old shirts again. What I didn’t tell you is that I had lost most of that weight by early 2012, and that by the summer I had gotten stuck at 190-195 pounds, […]

O, Phil, How Thou Dost Deceive Me!

This is so not fun. This morning, when I checked my outdoor digital thermometer, the sight buoyed my spirits. I honestly thought it said 68°F. After all, yesterday the temperature hit 50. Why shouldn’t it get even warmer today? Somehow, first thing in the morning, that made sense. In my morning stupor, I had missed […]