God Gets Mail

Dear God, Just a quick note: I think your thermostat is broken. The temperature is supposed to be in the 40’s. Sincerely, Tim from New England Or does God use a weather-control grid?

Nemo: Good, Bad, and Beautiful

Now that the storm is passed, and we’re all dug out—which is a whole other story, for another time—we can look back at the fun, the pain, and even the beauty Nemo left us. The funnest part, of course—for many of us—was being bundled up safe at home, with plenty of supplies, while the cold […]

Let It Snow: The Blizzard of ’13

The bill has come due for the mild winter we had last year. And since Punxsutawney Phil (played by the classic actor Bill Murray) has predicted an early spring—which here in New England means snow, rain, sleet, hail, and 90-degree swelter, all within a 24-hour period… Since Phil has predicted an early spring, God has […]

Insert Something Funny Here

After posting a “Bits & Pieces” post yesterday of over 1200 words, I suddenly realized that I had enough good material in there for a whole week of actual blog posts… if I made them a little shorter. And I’m thinking that would probably be a better approach. Starting today. According to Weather.com, last night […]

Spring in New England

This morning, a radio ad began, “Now that the beautiful spring weather is here in New England…” Ha! Good joke! Especially for April Fool’s. That made my day. You see, God sometimes has a bizarre sense of humor. One year, for April Fool’s, he allowed me to get laid off from my job, and so […]

O, Phil, How Thou Dost Deceive Me!

This is so not fun. This morning, when I checked my outdoor digital thermometer, the sight buoyed my spirits. I honestly thought it said 68°F. After all, yesterday the temperature hit 50. Why shouldn’t it get even warmer today? Somehow, first thing in the morning, that made sense. In my morning stupor, I had missed […]