Teaser Tuesdays: Personal Development for Smart People

Between Jewish holidays (currently in the season of Sukkot) and family emergencies (currently preparing to take my cat to the vet), I’m reading Steve Pavlina’s book, Personal Development for Smart People: The Conscious Pursuit of Personal Growth. I’ve been following Steve Pavlina’s blog on and off for years. His views are sometimes (what I would […]

Wage Slave or Crazy Entrepreneur?

Eric Allam of 52 Reviews posted an interesting comment on my post “Top Ten Reasons to Remain a Wage Slave,” which is a spoof off of a couple of Steve Pavlina’s “list of 10” posts. Eric linked to a post on his blog, “BusinessPundit lays out 10 misconceptions of entrepreneurship, reveals his hypocrisy,” in which […]

Top Ten Reasons to Remain a Wage Slave

Steve Pavlina’s recent posts 10 Myths About Self-Employment and 10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job inspired me to create my own top-ten list.

The Secret to Breaking Out of the Box

As part of Steve Pavlina’s Million Dollar Experiment, participants claim to have manifested over 1.5 million dollars, just by wishing for it. Are they just fooling themselves? Or is there something different they’re doing? Is there something different that successful people do that the rest avoid? I think there is, and I knew what it […]

Practice Makes Perfect Professionals

What’s the largest number of people you’ve embarrassed yourself in front of?