I’ve Been Married 16 Years: Do You Believe It?

As of this afternoon, I will have been married for 16 years.

I’m not quite sure what happened to that time.

When we first got married, we crammed ourselves into a tiny, attic apartment on High Street. We used to go grocery shopping together, every week. And we brought our laundry, together, across town to the nice laundromat; and while it was tumbling, we’d walk across the parking lot to Burger King, and I’d eat a Whopper Jr. plus a chicken sandwich, plus a Coke and fries. I couldn’t even fit that amount of food in my stomach today.

We decided to have our first child, because it was time. And so we did. And shortly before she was born, we moved out of that attic apartment, 40 minutes away, to Walpole, because the rest of my family also lived in Walpole at the time. We crammed into a slightly bigger, upstairs apartment.

Just after our second was born, we moved downstairs, to the even bigger, downstairs apartment. And there we stayed, until we moved back to Waltham, to be close to where I worked.

That was just a few months before April 1, 2004, when I got laid off.

(That was not a funny April Fools joke.)

And now I’m rambling. I can feel myself rambling. It’s like I can see it happening—I can feel my fingers touching the keyboard, and I see my words appearing on the screen—but there’s nothing I can do to stop it. Stop the rambling, that is. And there’s a very good reason why I’m rambling.

I’ve been up all night fixing up my online web store. For a very special purpose.

(Yes, I’m very tired.)

Firstly, I’ve added a number of used books I’ve acquired (mostly from my own personal library), mostly inspirational Christian titles, most in Very Good to Like-New condition. Here are the used-book listings: click here.

And a completely undocumented bonus, because I haven’t yet updated the text on the shop web-site, but this bonus feature works: if you order both a used book and a copy of Love through the Eyes of an Idiot, you get the used book for free.

I’ll continue that for as long as my stock lasts. (And I have other avenues through which I’m also unloading these used books.)

Click here and check out what I’m posting up there.


P.S. I’m continuing to add titles, so subscribe to the used-book RSS feed (from the shop’s “used books” page) to keep up to date.

P.P.S. I also promised a surprise, which I’m still working on. I’ll hold off on describing it just yet, and I apologize for leading you on like this.

UPDATE: Check out some wedding photos at this post: click here.