The 9/11 Wedding Pictures

… because they were taken 16 years ago today. The Missus & I are proud members of the 9/11 Club, those whose wedding falls on September 11. Of course, people are still getting married on 9/11. Numerous couples, I’m sure, got married today, September 11, 2009. (Just ask Google. He’ll back me up on this, […]

I’ve Been Married 16 Years: Do You Believe It?

As of this afternoon, I will have been married for 16 years. I’m not quite sure what happened to that time. When we first got married, we crammed ourselves into a tiny, attic apartment on High Street. We used to go grocery shopping together, every week. And we brought our laundry, together, across town to […]

Looking Forward to 9/11

I’m about to do something in extremely poor taste; and I’m going to explain to you the reason why; and I’m not going to apologize. And you’re going to understand. And more than that, you’re also going to support me. You see, while 9/11 for most other people holds memories of dread and of grief, […]