When Nothing Goes the Way It Ought

This past week, I asked on Facebook, “When NOTHING seems to be going as it should, how do you avoid getting all negative?”

My Facebook friends gave me a number of possible answers, but nothing really hit home, this past Saturday morning in synagogue when we read a selection from First Samuel chapter 1. Suddenly, my heart lit up, as if God had spoken to me through this account. As a Christian, this was a a message I could particularly identify with.

It inspired me to write a short-short story based on 1 Samuel 1:1-20, entitled “Baby Boy,” involving a character from the Abe’s Turn universe (because I know these characters already, and I wanted to use a deep character for this story). I also included in it the wonderful storytelling style I’ve admired in Jewish tradition. I posted it on on my stories blog. Click here to read it now.