Found in My Bathroom

Looks like somebody left a little pea on the toilet seat… Have a great weekend! -TimK P.S. Photo courtesy my daughter, Abbie.

Being a “Good” Parent

I ran across this e-card on social media: Maybe… But I also think it’s more complicated than that. Our job as parents is to teach our kids how to be adults. So in every experience, we should be looking for the learning opportunity and how to make it real to our kids.

A Well-Run Household

Today, I have a guest post from humorist Kevin Cummings, who graciously is allowing me to poke, stab, put him under a microscope, and otherwise enhance his discomfort in an upcoming interview at bethestory.com, all to promote his new book, Happily Domesticated. (So you can see what he gets out of it. The pleasure I […]

Our Kids Can Handle a Lot More than We Give Them Credit For

The following was originally published at Dad-O-Matic. When my 12-year-old daughter wanted to read my latest book, I discouraged her, because it addresses adult subjects, including organized rebellion against government (just the thought of which these days can label you a traitor), and it depicts sex and violence.

How Well Do Your Children Know You?

This was originally published October 2, 2008, at Dad-O-Matic. The proof copy of my dad’s memoir arrived today: Can You See God in This Picture?: A Letter to My Sons Making Sense of 25 Years as a Pastor. Because I’m an author and publisher, my father asked me to read through and edit the manuscript, […]