Yeah, That’s What I Think of the Election

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Are We Scared Yet?

I’m experimenting with a new newsletter, starting just through the holidays. I’m actually mailing this to people, but I’m also posting back-issues online. Here’s the first, the October 2008 issue, all about fear. -TimK

Political Bytes from the Blogosphere

First, shameless self-promotion: If you haven’t already, click here and sign up for a chance to get a free copy of my upcoming book. Some interesting, angering, and inspiring tidbits I ran across this weekend: Do you think that Sunni and Shi’a fight, have fought since forever, can do nothing except fight? Think again! Guest […]

Why I Miss Bill Clinton (Friday Snippet)

Here’s a Friday Snippet from one of the bonus extras included in the upcoming, first volume of The Conscience of Abe’s Turn, a retrospective essay entitled “Whatever Happened to Zorro?” about what inspired and motivated me to write Abe’s Turn. Note that I’m going to be giving away a limited number of copies of the […]

My Coffee is Messing with Your Mind

… or “Some People Just Don’t Think 30 Rock is Funny!” Now, I usually hate it when people mess with my mind, so why would I want to mess with someone else’s? The best manager I ever had simultaneously impressed and appalled me when she explained parts of her interviewing process, from the inside, with […]

Here’s Talking about Religion and Politics

Here’s something I rarely do on this blog, but since this blog has become more about what makes me unique, and less exclusively about software development and entrepreneurship… Here’s a topic I’m very passionate about, but I rarely have time to write about anymore. Two topics, actually: Religion and politics. If you might become offended, […]