Teaser Tuesdays: Hawkspar (again)

Hawkspar almost never made it to print. The drama started in September 2006, when Holly Lisle’s editor told her that the manuscript was too long. It weighed in at a hefty 190,000 words. So either 55,000 words needed to be cut, which would gut the story, thereby ruining it; or else it would have to […]

Big Book Giveaway – Video Promo

Here’s a quick-n-dirty video I made for this year’s Big Book Giveaway, showing off some books by Julie Carobini (Christian romance), Holly Lisle (fantasy romance), Jess C Scott (teen romance), and Sharon Cathcart (historical romance). (I’m sorry that I forgot to bring Jen Knox’s excellent memoir with me when I did the video. But she […]

Book Giveaway: Hawkspar, by Holly Lisle

Stolen away from their families, they are slaves, women with no names and no futures. Every moment of their days controlled by the avatars of the stone Eyes–Obsidian, Emerald, Raxinan, Ruby, Windcrystal, Sapphire, Sunspar, Tigereye. And the most powerful of them all, Hawkspar, the eyes of time. Kings and despots come to her to know […]

Teaser Tuesdays: Hawkspar, by Holly Lisle

You may remember, I absolutely adored Talyn the first novel in this series. I have to admit that it was hard to pick up the sequel Hawkspar, because I had become so attached to Talyn and her cohorts. But Holly wasted no time hooking me on Hawkspar’s plight. This is the story of a slave, […]