What My Doctor Was Afraid Of

You may recall last year an off-the-wall post scratched out at Dunkin Donuts that a wrote on the way to an MRI lab. I had been suffering from depression and headaches, sometimes so serious that I couldn’t think straight. Rarely, in these cases, the symptoms indicate a brain tumor or some other neurological problem. So […]

My Personal Writing Spaces (photos)

[UPDATE, October 2013: My daily routine has changed massively since this post, especially since we moved into the Merrimack Valley. These photos are also two cars ago, and one diet ago—and unfortunately Panera Bread no longer fits into my diet. But I do still visit some of the other places on this list, and I […]

Some Photos I Found on My Cell Phone

Once upon a time, I couldn’t see the point of these new-fangled gadget cell phones that can text-message, play MP3’s, take pictures, and sometimes can just barely not even make a phone call. (You know what I’m talking about.) Today, however, I copied all the files from my cell phone onto my computer, and I […]

What I Did Over My Summer Vacation

I did not laze around on the beach all day, everyday, reading books, writing on my laptop– Ah, that would have been fun. I’m actually still on my “summer vacation,” even though the calendar and the weather both say we’re well into autumn. Because it wasn’t really a vacation, although it was a vacation from […]

The 9/11 Wedding Pictures

… because they were taken 16 years ago today. The Missus & I are proud members of the 9/11 Club, those whose wedding falls on September 11. Of course, people are still getting married on 9/11. Numerous couples, I’m sure, got married today, September 11, 2009. (Just ask Google. He’ll back me up on this, […]

Abbie’s Artwork

(Note: Click here to skip directly to the video.) When does a child’s artwork become “art”? I was dwelling on this question as I put together some of my daughter’s artwork to post here. My daughter Abbie, now 10, has been drawing, sculpting, creating for as long as she’s been old enough to hold a […]