Love through the Eyes of an Idiot

Praise for the Love-Idiot Book; Tuesday Teaser

I got a wonderful email this week from Carrie L., who just recently read Love through the Eyes of an Idiot, my short, romantic memoir about YA angst and unconditional love. Carrie’s email I just had to share. (With her permission, of course.)

A Dream to Explore

A quick midnight blog post and an announcement. I swear I did not coordinate this with Jamie Ridler. It’s either an astounding coincidence or a message from God. At midnight, a couple hours ago, Jamie prompted for Wishcasting Wednesday, “What dream do you wish to explore?” And as the song says, a dream is a […]

What is Love without Strings?

What is love without strings? I’ve phrased the question ambiguously. It could mean, “What is love, without strings?” Is there any love in existence that has no strings on it? We all put strings on our love. We all have conditions, whether or not or how much to love someone else, not for the sake […]

I’ve Been Married 16 Years: Do You Believe It?

As of this afternoon, I will have been married for 16 years. I’m not quite sure what happened to that time. When we first got married, we crammed ourselves into a tiny, attic apartment on High Street. We used to go grocery shopping together, every week. And we brought our laundry, together, across town to […]

Looking Forward to 9/11

I’m about to do something in extremely poor taste; and I’m going to explain to you the reason why; and I’m not going to apologize. And you’re going to understand. And more than that, you’re also going to support me. You see, while 9/11 for most other people holds memories of dread and of grief, […]

I Wish to Remember to Feel What My Reader Feels

The most important skill a writer can develop, in any field or genre of writing, is to empathize with his reader, because the reader will always judge your writing ultimately by what he feels. Mastery of this skill has resulted in some of the greatest feats of writing magic, especially among writers of sales copy, […]

Hope through Feelings of Hopelessness

I’ve been updating my software-development résumé, trying some different things in hopes of finding a reasonably productive SD gig. Along the way, I think I may rub a few people wrong, but I think it’s for the best. Because it’s the only way I know to ultimately accomplish my goals. There’s something about the truly […]

Last Day for 40%+ Discount on Love-for-Idiots Book

Because my book-ordering process was delayed on my true-life, autobiographical love story, Love through the Eyes of an Idiot, the shipping was delayed, and I will be getting the first shipment of books on Monday, July 20. And because of this, I’ve extended the pre-order discount on personally autographed copies until 12:00 midnight EDT, the […]

My Happily Ever After

The following story is derived from parts I wrote for Love through the Eyes of an Idiot. I met Margaret in February 1992 at a Bible study. We talked. She looked young for her age; she was a little older than I had originally thought, but I didn’t see how that mattered, because we were […]

My Worst Date Ever

In my day, I went on my own share of bad dates. Here’s one from Love through the Eyes of an Idiot. It all started after I developed a crush on this girl, a little young for me, but her mother liked me and trusted me. We sat and talked sometimes. She was small, cute, […]