The Joy of Old Friends and New Family

In early August, while the girls were at camp, I spent a lot of uninterrupted time with Tessie-cat. At almost-19 years, she’s even older (in cat years) than I am. I call her “my geriatric cat,” which is what she is. All she did for the whole week was to sit on the back on […]

For a Real Buzz, Touch This Microphone!

Isn’t it funny, the snippets of life that our memories recall? Lately, my online buddy and comrade in words, Jim “Suldog” Sullivan, has been talking about his days as a garage-band bassist. On Monday, he told a story of how one of his bandmates electrocuted him as a joke. And that reminded me of one […]

This is Peace!

I wasn’t going to put up another blog post today, but this little tidbit about friendships blew me away. And so I had to post it, and I had to post it now, and this is the right place to post it, so here it is. Even if you’re not religious, I hope you find […]

Dear Delilah…

An open letter to Delilah Rene, the (now) nationally syndicated radio DJ Dear Delilah, Last night, I had some extra time before I had to pick up Margaret from work, so I took the kids on a tour of Dedham. (It was on the way.) I passed the house where you used to live, where […]