The Next-to-the-Last Cat Post (for awhile, anyhow)

Tessie-cat passed away sometime last night. She had been part of our family for almost 19 years. She was being treated for chronic kidney failure, and we expected her condition to irreversibly deteriorate within the next several years. Meanwhile, we all gave her lots of attention in her last months. We discovered her under the […]

The Joy of Old Friends and New Family

In early August, while the girls were at camp, I spent a lot of uninterrupted time with Tessie-cat. At almost-19 years, she’s even older (in cat years) than I am. I call her “my geriatric cat,” which is what she is. All she did for the whole week was to sit on the back on […]

Bits & Pieces 2012-10-04

Links and things that I’ve run across recently. When a Cat Takes Over Your Life I apologize for being absent this week. We’ve had a small family drama… involving our cat. If you subscribe to my Facebook profile, you know that Tessie-cat got sick and then started acting seriously weird. As I’ve mentioned before, Tessie […]

A Crazy Cat Story

When my Beloved and I went over to our friends’ apartment to pick up Tessie-cat (then only a Tessie-kitten) in early 1994, we found her cowering behind a couch. Now, over 18 years later, she still loves couches, but now mostly as a place to sleep, all day, every day. Those of us who are […]

What’s in a Cat?

Proof that God has a sense of humor is that he created cats. We share our apartment with a sleek, black cat, whom we call “Tessie,” a high-strung Burmese (or something thereabouts). I call her my Spooky Cat, because she has always been terrified of any living creature, and a few dead ones. When we […]