Hope through Feelings of Hopelessness

I’ve been updating my software-development résumé, trying some different things in hopes of finding a reasonably productive SD gig. Along the way, I think I may rub a few people wrong, but I think it’s for the best. Because it’s the only way I know to ultimately accomplish my goals. There’s something about the truly […]

Groped in Good Taste

Jeremy Brooks, looking surprised A quick anecdote… Jim “Suldog” Sullivan’s post today about being groped by a woman (and then later, by a drunk man), it reminded me of a “groping” anecdote of my own, one that interestingly didn’t make it into the Love-Idiot book. I went rollerskating with some friends, in particular, a girl […]

My Happily Ever After

The following story is derived from parts I wrote for Love through the Eyes of an Idiot. I met Margaret in February 1992 at a Bible study. We talked. She looked young for her age; she was a little older than I had originally thought, but I didn’t see how that mattered, because we were […]

My Worst Date Ever

In my day, I went on my own share of bad dates. Here’s one from Love through the Eyes of an Idiot. It all started after I developed a crush on this girl, a little young for me, but her mother liked me and trusted me. We sat and talked sometimes. She was small, cute, […]

Dear Delilah…

An open letter to Delilah Rene, the (now) nationally syndicated radio DJ Dear Delilah, Last night, I had some extra time before I had to pick up Margaret from work, so I took the kids on a tour of Dedham. (It was on the way.) I passed the house where you used to live, where […]