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Another Car Bites the Dust?

“Why does all this stuff happen to us? It can’t be bad karma. We never did anything.” Or so says the Little One. And I think she’s right. Sometimes shit just happens. And if it could have waiting just another month or two, I wouldn’t even be in a jam. Incredible. It’s like, just when […]

If I Die, Please Post This Posthumously

I’m sitting here in Dunkin’ Donuts, Wednesday morning, with nothing that I feel like writing about, eating a delicious breakfast sandwich that will probably set my cholesterol and blood pressure back six months, mentally preparing for my MRI, which will take place in about a half an hour. “Mentally preparing,” that’s the medical term for […]

My Computer Is Back, and Maybe I Am Too?

Ain’t it fascinating how your life can be completely derailed by a few days of computer downtime (and an impending new job, and a birthday party, and Mario Kart)? My MacBook Pro’s checkerboard-display crashing problem, which first hit back in January, suddenly reappeared about two and a half weeks ago. After several hours of persistence, […]

For a Real Buzz, Touch This Microphone!

Isn’t it funny, the snippets of life that our memories recall? Lately, my online buddy and comrade in words, Jim “Suldog” Sullivan, has been talking about his days as a garage-band bassist. On Monday, he told a story of how one of his bandmates electrocuted him as a joke. And that reminded me of one […]

Creepy Crawlies Everywhere, and Ants and Flies

At the Museum of Science in Boston, the last time I was there, they had a display of cockroaches, big ones. (Similar to the display pictured here, which is from the London Zoo.) Even though the buggies were behind plastic, I felt an urgent need to get out of there as fast possible. My phobia […]

What Luxury Do You Wish For?

I have simple tastes. I could survive on soup and salad, and an occasional hot dog, and be happy. I need a roof over my head, companionship, and an Internet connection (because that’s business). Nonetheless—to answer Jamie Ridler’s Wishcasting Wednesday question, “What luxury do you wish for?”—there are a few things I really enjoy that […]

The 9/11 Wedding Pictures

… because they were taken 16 years ago today. The Missus & I are proud members of the 9/11 Club, those whose wedding falls on September 11. Of course, people are still getting married on 9/11. Numerous couples, I’m sure, got married today, September 11, 2009. (Just ask Google. He’ll back me up on this, […]

Looking Forward to 9/11

I’m about to do something in extremely poor taste; and I’m going to explain to you the reason why; and I’m not going to apologize. And you’re going to understand. And more than that, you’re also going to support me. You see, while 9/11 for most other people holds memories of dread and of grief, […]

Of Baking Bread and Busy

Video post today, quick & dirty & edited, because I’ve got so many other things going on today. A video about being busy as a stay-at-home dad. -TimK

Stories to Evoke Fear; Stories to Inspire Love

This is part 2 of my story of being subjected to the “texting while driving” video making the rounds, the kind of unintended effects videos like this can have, and why the alternative is so much more satisfying. To sum up from yesterday, a friend of mine posted on Facebook the “texting while driving” video, […]