Bamboo Tiki Torch (Indie Music Video)

I really needed a quick and easy post for today (because I had spent so much time and so many words getting carried away Monday). And I had no idea what I was going to write about. But you know what we always say: The Lord will provide. And provide He did. First of all, […]

A Song to Bring Peace (Music Video)

One of my FaceBook friends posted this music video of an Israeli pop song by drummer Gil Ladin, and it quickly captivated my ear. I wasted enough time listening to it that I figured it demanded it’s own blog post. The words of the chorus are based on an old Hebrew prayer: Establish peace, goodness, […]

Jojo’s Sunning Himself under the Waterfall

Just a quick video post today… This was too cute. We have a fresh-water turtle, a red-eared slider, which we’ve raised from a tiny baby. Back then, he lived in a small tank, about the size of a fishbowl. Now, he’s outgrowing his grown-up-sized tank, and we’re thinking he may need an even bigger one. […]

“From the Ashes of Courage” First Book Reading

I’ll post tomorrow the short post about Julie and Julia that I was planning to finish today, because this was way more exciting. The first box of copies of From the Ashes of Courage came today! With this book, I did not order a proof copy, so I spent the last week nervous that it […]

Of Baking Bread and Busy

Video post today, quick & dirty & edited, because I’ve got so many other things going on today. A video about being busy as a stay-at-home dad. -TimK

Are women flirting with me?

I recorded this humorous video yesterday, about a something that happened to me yesterday, and posted it for my Facebook friends. This is the first time I’ve tried creating a video in this style, and I was happy with how it turned out, so I might do it again sometime.

Life & Liberty, a Short Animation

For today, here’s a short 3D animation I made back in the year 2000, which the Missus is always showing to people and says that people like. So with persistence, she persuaded me to get around to uploading it to YouTube. So with thanks to my loving and doting wife, here it is: -TimK

Abbie’s Artwork

(Note: Click here to skip directly to the video.) When does a child’s artwork become “art”? I was dwelling on this question as I put together some of my daughter’s artwork to post here. My daughter Abbie, now 10, has been drawing, sculpting, creating for as long as she’s been old enough to hold a […]

Opening Ceremony for the Proof

I love it when a new proof comes in the mail. Here’s the opening of the proof of Love through the Eyes of an Idiot. Note that there are only 5 more days (through Wednesday, July 15) to pre-order an autographed copy at reviewer discount prices. After that, the price goes up. See the Love […]